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3:00 in the afternoon is brutal.  The zombies come out of their offices at that time, eyes half opened with change in their hand looking for the vending machine which will provide the much needed chocolate or caffeine fix.  I remember a time those inevitable 3:00 yawn fests were the hardest thing to get through in the afternoon -but now I find myself sitting at my desk, change in very close reach throughout the entire day, with my only desire to get to the vending machine and not find all the ginger ale sold out.  To a pregnant woman (yes we will have a new blessing in our home in just 6 months!), well at least to this pregnant woman, ginger ale is the salvation to getting through the day.  *Side note: I half expect to go into the office one morning and find that my office has been relocated to the washroom.  I seem to spend just as much time in there these days as I do in front of my computer! (more…)


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