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Life is hectic.  It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I still manage to get to work, hang up my coat, sit down at my desk and then realize that once again I have dog drool on my pants, one son snotted my shoulder while the other left a beautiful toothpaste impression of his lips on my black shirt……oh, and I forgot to mention my unique hairdo held together by an unidentifiable sticky substance.  I am not sure how all that mess happens to gravitate to my outfit, it’s like magic every morning.  The whirlwind throws me into my car and off to daycare I go to drop off my youngest son. By now I am unknowingly (perhaps in denial at this point) a dirtbag.  A sweaty dirt bag at that from the ritualistic morning wrestling match between me and my 22 month old.  I win when I successfully get him into the car and buckled into his car seat. (more…)


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